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This is our premium brand.  Our tournament corn is proven to catch big carp!  Made from high quality human grade corn, not field corn.  Our unique process of preparing the corn, makes our corn tough yet easy for use on a hair rig or hook and without split kernels.  Our flavors are infused into the corn in such a way that it holds its flavor for long periods of time under water.   The best part about it though, is our corn does not need to be refrigerated, which means a LONG shelf-life.  If stored properly, out of direct sunlight and extreme temps, this corn can literally last many, many months.  What more can you ask for?

Plus: As an added bonus we include 4 kernels of what we believe are the most buoyant (and we mean buoyant) artificial pop-up corn on the market.  These pop-ups could probably raise the Titanic.


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