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We are very excited to unleash our newest series of bait:  "Sprinkle's King Korn"
This is Trilogy's Bait Developer, Andrew Sprinkle's very OWN PERSONAL line of baits.  Offered in most of his favorite flavors.  In which he has spent countless hours developing and perfecting over the past DECADE, including his NEWEST FLAVOR "Coconut Wild Fire".
The King Korn Kernels go through a unique preparation that makes them super tough and infuses a higher concentration of flavors and attractants due to their size, which is roughly TWICE the size as our Tournament Corn.
These kernels are developed for ALL YEAR ROUND fishing on ANY water and have an EXTREMELY long shelf life if the containers are kept out of direct sunlight and any other high heat scenarios. Best kept at room temp.
Andrew also prides himself on growing organic non GMO Heirloom King Korn and was successful in his crop this year. He was also able to cross pollinate two different strains to create his own special blend that will be grown for next years crop.
Only available in 6 oz.


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